The Story Behind The Game

The Africa Memory Game was born from the need to create an educational tool that was fun and easy to help children increase their knowledge of the history, geography, and culture of the countries of Africa.

Paulette Mpouma, the creator of The Africa Memory Game, originally designed the game for her four kids when she realized they knew practically nothing about Africa.

Mpouma has lived in the United States since the mid-90s, when she emigrated from Cameroon. Her children were her test audience, and the game has proven a hit, not only in their home, but also all around the world. Mpouma has sold nearly 11,000 copies of the game to customers and clients, including the Smithsonian, The World Bank, and many schools and museums around the world.

About The Game

The Africa Memory Game is a fun and easy for children and grown-ups to increase their knowledge of Africa.

Players travel through different regions of Africa and have to answer a number of questions about the continent along the way. The progress they make will be partly determined by how well they answer these questions. Players have to pay a fine when they do not answer questions correctly, but even if they do answer questions correctly, they still have to face a number of obstacles that may slow them down. Be careful: if you run out of money, you’re out of the game! The first player to reach “The Heart of Africa” wins the game.

About Our Company

We have grown so much over the years and have diversified the products we carry to include other games, books, and toys we recommend, as well as clothing and accessories sourced from our partners in Africa.

We collaborate with local artists and we often honor them by naming our toys after their maker.

Our Values:

All of our games center around the importance of interaction.

Knowledge is a key to success in our society.

“The most meaningful activity to me is being an Africa Memory Game Volunteer. As a young girl. my understanding of what Africa was, was completely distorted. My lack of knowledge inspired my mom to create a memory game that educated children, like me, about the diaspora and geography of Africa. After realizing the impact of the game on my life, this family responsibility became a duty to me as a first-generation African, to educate others on the misconceptions of Africa.”

Joelle Banim, daughter of the game creator