The Africa Memory Game

A fun way to learn about African continent…

We are passionate about showcasing the beauty of the African continent and we spend time selecting and creating learning experiences for all ages. Africa is a culturally rich continent with geographic landscapes unlike any other.

Her people are bright, they are creative and they are resilient and our history though marked with devastating events is full of stories of triumph that are well worth telling.


The Africa Memory Game was born from the need to create an educational tool that was fun and easy to help children increase their knowledge of the History, Geography, and Culture of the different countries in the continent.
We have grown so much over the years and have diversified our products to include games, books, events, toys, and a boutique of clothing and accessories sourced from our partners in Africa. We collaborate with local artists and we often honor them by naming our toys after their maker.


The board games and trivia are created around the family values of social interactivity and interaction. Knowledge is a key to success in our society. As they learned, they identified with the wealth of information gained from the games.
Joelle Banim, daughter of the game creator:
” The most meaningful activity to me is being an Africa Memory Game Volunteer. As a young girl. my understanding of what Africa was, was completely distorted due to the poor education I received on what is naturally the richest continent in the world.
My lack of knowledge inspired my mom to create a memory game that educated children, like me, about the diaspora and geography of Africa. After realizing the impact of the game on my life, this family responsibility became a duty to me as a first-generation African, to educate others on the misconceptions of Africa.”

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