• Brief on Ms. Paulette Mpouma   and her expertise in development of Games on Africa in the Diaspora

    Paulette Mpouma, originally from Cameroon worked for over 15 years supporting organizations bringing the awareness of continent of Africa to the World and with educational institutions to deepen resources, create materials and distribute them to schools in order to reduce the gap of lack of education on Africa.

     This includes 8 years building The Africa Memory Game a company that innovated by creating games, trivia and educational materials helping youth and families to discover Africa.

    In 2009, the Africa Memory Game, 1st game was very successful and received several awards such as the Award of creativity By the Africa Center in Takoma Park, MD.

    A copy of the Africa memory Game was sent to the White House as a gift to the Obama’s Family and Paulette Mpouma received a Thank you note from Mr. and Mrs. Obama, President of the USA and also 3 invitations at the White House as an African leader of the Diaspora

    The Africa Memory Games has 3 releases of 6500 copies with 500 copies sold in Africa.

    Paulette invented after that several trivia cards with the goals of focusing by regions and countries to deepen our knowledge to those countries:

    Let’s Go West Africa

    Let’s Go East Africa

    The Africa Memory Trivia for: Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, South Africa, Mali, Cameroon, Kenya and Liberia.

    In 2015, Paulette met Mrs. Olubanke King-Akerele, former minister of foreign affairs of Liberia and former minister of commerce and industry of Liberia; upon meeting her she was impressed with my games and thought about transforming her book on The Growing of Africa's emergent leadership into an educational board game--we have been working together to produce a bi-lingual game on leadership development-Through a very close collaboration, this game will use the life trajectories of many young leaders and open the debate on many topics facing the African Youth today. The Game will be out by the end of the year.

     Paulette joins the Empowered Women International where she has served as alumni/mentor to train women entrepreneurs in developing their businesses.

    She worked also as liaison between groups of women toys makers in Ivory Coast and the Smithsonian Museums stores in DC. She refined and developed products suited for the American Market and following international standards.

     Paulette is a board member of Africa needs U. A non-profit organization doing an intensive work in Africa bringing the diaspora to give back by contributing to numeral projects such as building schools, water and energy in rural areas and farms building.